It was a cloudy morning. I had just reached my office after a refreshing walk. Being habituated to browsing some informative websites before I start my work, I opened Hackernews. There was a post on how Huffman compression works. I opened up the link and found that the page was very difficult to read. It had jumbled up the text and images, the font was too small. Overall it had a bad reading experience.

I always keep myself updated with productivity apps across the Internet and was instantly reminded about a chrome extension that enhances the reading experience of a website. Quickly set it up in my browser and voila! the page was transformed into a paradise for a reader. I was happy. I went on gaining some good insights from the post.

At the end of it a thought suddenly struck me. Was I not happy with how the post was and accept it as it is? Did I make it the way I like it, just because I couldn't stand the fact of it being different from how I prefer things to be? There are numerous things around us which might not feel to be correct in the way we want them to be. Can we never accept things as they are acknowledging the fact that they are different?

This was just about things. What about the people around us? Many a times we can't stand certain habits of our loved ones, our friends; but they can't be necessarily bad. Its just because we don't feel it right, we resent it. I had already made that mistake in my life once, not accepting how a person was and demanding a change. I regret it. But it has helped learn things by experience and now this understanding is rooted inside me.

The website transformation might not be the idle example where our acceptance disagrees. If we bluntly accept our surroundings and never think of improvement, the human civilization wouldn't have ever progressed from stone age. Entrepreneurs transform the world based on a vision for the betterment of humanity. Its the acknowledgement of things being different, people being different that has to be rooted inside us with the thought of embracing the difference with open hands. That's acceptance for me.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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