Too soon to think about happiness again, but the facts that I have discovered are totally worth it. The state of my mind has been such so as to question the concept of happiness again and again. Each time I find something about it and feel that this must be it, I am proven wrong. There are just too many perspectives to look at it that I now feel I should devote time every week pondering at one of its aspect citing a situation that I have faced.

This time its about how my mind fools me into believing that the time that I spent was awesome^awesome. It was about a visit to the beach with a group of my friends. The ride to the beach was great (Psst! this is the not so foolish part of my brain speaking ;) ). We spent some time there and then returned back before having dinner.

The next day my mother asked, how was the trip?

It was awesome^awesome mom!, I replied

Tell me about the interesting parts, she followed up

Well, hmm, there was the beach, the water, the clouds and the beach, the foolish part of my brain answered.

This should have actually been, There weren't any roaring waves, no gusting wind and not even a beautiful scenery. That's most of the interesting part I guess. Oh! and the loads of shells on the sand made it difficult to walk. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up

I am always fascinated by the fact that whenever someone questions my thought or views I just find the deeper lying thoughts behind them and they are orthogonal from the initial ones quite a few times recently. The inquiry of the suspect; my brain began. The crime it had committed was insignificant in the shorter run, but justice had to be brought for smooth long ride.

Why did you lie about the trip? came up the first question

I didn't lie, said the brain strongly opposing the charge

Okay. Why were you fooled into believing it was great?, the investigator smirked thinking how he had nailed the question this time.

The poor brain had to blurt out all its secrets now. I don't know. I wanted everyone to believe I always have the best experiences or maybe I am too afraid to accept the reality.

Crime confessed. Criminal shamed. Case closed.

The revelations are quite brilliant. I would take a note of these and ponder over them sometime soon.

Not to be the sadist every time; being happy about the thoughts that make me sad (okay, that's a paradox I can't explain!), I find pleasure in understanding my mind, the more deeper the more better. Think about this for a moment, when was the last awesome^awesome experience you had? What was great about it? Break it down to specific moments. For instance, I loved the road to the beach as it had water bodies on either side. Poking my friends and syncing up with the music was an absolute pleasure. This actually helps me know which parts I cherish and build upon them to make life more interesting.


The criminal: My Brain
The investigator: My Brain
Notes taker: My Brain
The Unicorn running around Pandora during the 378th Blood Moon: My Brain

Wait, did my brain name itself?

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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