Freedom of Speech

The methods by which humans express themselves has always been interesting. Some express it through speech. Some by their words. Dance, Art, etc.. are yet another ways by which people express themselves.

To say what we like is a basic human necessity. It allows us to express our thoughts freely. We express our views about certain people to our colleagues, we share our ideas regarding some places to our friends. The freedom to express our thoughts through speech is vital. What happens when this right is taken away? Maybe by some changes in the status quo of the system. Things become difficult. Especially if the freedom was there and then its taken away. Its like snatching away one of our priced possessions. Imagine having the thought of speaking up your view constantly, but being restricted.

This thought provoked a similar situation that Introverts might face. What exactly restricts us from speaking up our thoughts in a conversation? Is it related to their abilities to express in general. This sounds a bit contradictory as we often find introverts expressing themselves through other forms than speech, and they are quite good at it. So what prevents us from expressing our thoughts through speech?
Often in a conversation, we find many subtle components that psychologically makes communication effective. A nod from the listener, the ability to pick up the topic and have a surrounding conversation over it. The ability to understand what a person says. It all comes down to this. I have experienced this many times. I have a thought in my mind that I would like to share, but then a feeling stops me from doing this. Will they understand? Its not like they won’t connect to it, but rather they might not get the context right.

Very often I try to speak up my thoughts relating it something I know already, some of my life experiences. Its just that those words seem to come out of a different world, a world that is nurturing within me. The words that I speak will be in English but the way they are related and the way I perceive them would be totally different.

Does this limit the introvert’s freedom of speech? I guess not. At least not always. But it does play a major role. The interesting point being that we express ourselves very well through other forms, where we get to create our world, convey our emotions through facial expressions, tell an exciting story with the lights and the props. More importantly we express our ideas, our thoughts.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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