screaming, shouting la la la
we set out on a holiday
excited and pumped up la la la
beating the heat in the month of May

scattering smoke clouds la la la
in comes the wagon of the train
instantly we hop in la la la
anticipating a much needed rain

a splendid sight it was la la la
pearly water at the beach
resting and playing la la la
happiness and fun were within our reach

a reddish sky la la la
was it the sunset or planet Mars?
strolling in the night la la la
under the moon and twinkling stars

time flows swiftly la la la
when moments of joy are around
bidding goodbyes la la la
we descended back to earthly grounds

screaming shouting la la la
we had set out on a holiday
relaxed we returned la la la
boy! we beat the heat in the month of May

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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