I quit..Not!

Her deafening shrieks woke me up. I extended my arm to stroke her forehead, my touch always used to have a strange effect on her. Curving up a smile on her lips in any moment of pain. 'Magical' is what she used to call it. But only vacuum is what my palm made contact with; tasteless, formless, space less vacuum.

Where is she? wondered my mind before it came to its senses and realized the truth. Silence is all that prevailed. Admirable is the beauty of moments when the darkness within me aligns with the darkness of the universe.

I ran up to Fluffy. He knew his friend was in pain, in a shock that happens very frequently. I hugged him tight and cried my heart out. People say that crying always helps. It eases the pain and lets you accept the reality. I disagree. I have been trying it since 2 yrs now without a single improvement in the state of my mind. Its just keeps getting worse.

Fluffy didn't say anything as always, just stared at me with his gleaming eyes and a smile. Teddy bears are such nice creatures. They listen to everything you want to tell, stories of pain, anything. They just listen and keep smiling at you. They never judge us.

But how long can I survive without her. It already seemed a century ago since Rose passed away of breast cancer. How can she do that. Leave me alone in this world of distress, breaking her promise, increasing the universal pain quotient.

But tonight seemed different. Fluffy whispered me something telepathically.

Imagine Paul, what would have happened to her if you died first?

She would have broken down. She wouldn't have survived the pain. I replied

See! You just saved her from that pain. Because you are stronger. Fluffy said smiling

I hugged him again, this time even tighter.

How can he be so wise? I wondered.

Whatever it was, Fluffy just brought up a smile on my face.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here: https://soundcloud.com/user-981201504

Bengaluru, India http://www.kevaldoshi.com

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