"What's something that doesn't change?" asked my curious mind.

"That's easy, Parle-G ;) ", I replied

"Haha, not funny! Think about it" it said in a serious tone this time

Hmm..Mt Everest? Naah! apparently its height increases every year. What else then? I wondered. The love of a mother? Nope. Since the child changes (ages), I believe the love also changes and this is actually in a good way, but still not same. Aah! I got it, the way my Chemistry teacher used to pronounce 'Superconducteeeeerrrrrrrrs' I am definitely sure that hasn't changed. Well, unless someone enlightened her on that. Omg!! Is this for real? I am literally unable to find something that I can say with a guarantee is perpetual.

The seed of this thought was sowed inside my mind when it heard about 2 of my close friends breaking up from long relationships, 7yrs and 6 yrs. It just seemed too hard for me to accept that this can happen. Yes, I understand that things don't last, people fall out of love, its for the good of everyone, yada yada yada, but the mind just couldn't fathom the reality of this. Not a good analogy, but this is very similar to when we hear about people dying in bus accidents and yet when the same happens to someone close, we just can't accept the plausibility of it happening.

Subject matter expertise was required now. I called upon a close friend of mine to help me understand this. She looked a bit surprised when I blurted it out, but was patient enough to listen and help me digest it. We discussed about our experiences around this topic and a lot of interesting points came up. Processing all of this information over the past 2 days, I understand the situation now.

From childhood I haven't seen a single divorce in my family even when looking deep into 3rd and 4th cousins and relatives. Same was the case around the community I was brought up in, I could hardly see 1-2 such cases. It always seemed that yeah, they are adults, they will figure something out. What else would they do? Staying apart was never an option I guess. Yes, I did hear about people separating, our Hindi soaps back in the early 2000s made sure of that. But definitely, they were just creating more drama. This, doesn't actually happen; or so the mind used to tell itself.

Yes, we all know that things can cease to exist. But just think about it once more. Think about your love, your closest friends, your family. What would happen if one of those relationships is no longer the same? Even worse, what if all of them are not the same anymore especially when its not the way you like. Its impossible to imagine that we might not have the same understanding with our mother as we previously did. The common denominator in all the above equations was us. How does that impact our lives? Well, that's when the real picture is painted. Its dark, its cold, its misty. Yet, its majestic, its bold, its smooth. The idea is to accept it. Yes, even after you put in all the efforts, even after you compromise everything (or so you think), even after you beg, things might not remain the same. Stare the truth in its face. Accept it!

Some thoughts, are very deep rooted inside us. They are not apparent enough to turn up at a moment of emotion. This exact attribute makes them difficult to understand. Yes, you can do the '5 Whys' on them, but sometimes it becomes difficult to get around them ourselves. You need someone to point out the triviality which triggers an avalanche of thoughts; surf at the very apex of it, boldly and we would be able to discover interesting facts. The mind then comes at peace.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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