The cool breeze brought back the warmness in my body. Strange that things affect you right in the opposite way. The sand beneath my feet felt like a pool. I took a dive in it instantaneously. Rolling around like a wild dog. Some things make you tired but its the fun of doing them that keeps the child in us alive. A glance across the horizon refreshed the memories of a classic sunrise. The Sun coming out of the womb of its mother, the sea.

My chain of thoughts were broken by the call of the fishermen. The Chinese fishing nets were indeed a conventional yet effective method for them. Heaving the nets were a group of 8-10 guys, all in their traditional mundu. A non Kochite would easily label them as thugs. Little would they know that the sweat oozing from their body would be feeding their families tomorrow.

I continued my daily jogging session and reached home. It was time to wake up the kids and get them ready for their school. I had made payasam this morning before the jogging as Rohan loves it. He and Remya quickly finished off their daily tasks and ran away to board their bus which had been honking since some time now. A departing smile from them made all my tiredness go away.

Amal had just woken up and demanded his tea which was a little overdue. My husband has a short temper and things can get very worse. It was one of those days. His screams made my body tremble with fear. I wouldn't dare repeating the same mistake everyday. Mistake? Is getting late by 5 minutes in delivering the morning tea a mistake? Not everyone would agree. But Amal had different views. I just went through the torturing and made sure he gets what he wants. He left with a grudge. I embraced the fact that tonight another one of his fearsome sessions would take place. Yet, I had the whole day to myself. I had got used to them as the frequency had quadrupled since some time now. I knew I wouldn't gain any recognition, yet I tried my best everyday. Being a mother and a wife is challenging. Yet very few people acknowledge the effort that goes in there.

"Be strong Rachna! Things would get better" I kept consoling myself. I was wrong. The postman had just delivered the letter. It was a divorce agreement. My hands trembled. I had never imagined he would do this. Divorce will wreck my life apart. The court would favor Amal for the children' custody as he was the "Good Man" in the society. The society never knows what happens behind closed doors. I was divorced, suspended from my duties as wife, as a mother.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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