"Did you see that mom? It talked" said Mary. "Penguins can't talk sweety" contradicted her mother. A concerned group of penguins behind them let out a deep breath. Their secret was safe. PG4170 was to be punished for putting the mission in jeopardy. But things were normal for now at the city zoo in Cairo.

PG ALPHA had to call up an immediate meeting of the Pengoid leaders around the world. Time was running short and incidents like these would only make the make mission impossible. The mission to perish mankind. He had been pressing everyone to carry out the mission asap. He was right. With the humans looking to colonize on Mars, things had to be done quickly.

"I vote to carry out the mission tomorrow, the night of 31st Dec. Not a single human should see the dawn of the new year." said PG ALPHA. His voice was firm and could easily draw the attention of his fellows. "Who are with me?" he added now expecting a binary response for once. The fellow Pengoids jeered in approval. He was a leader they had all looked upon. He was the single torch bearer who had started this mission. Extincting mankind would allow the Pengoids to revenge their deaths and live peacefully at their habitat which was now in danger prevalent to the way humans have lived their lives.

"Fine. I'll get the systems prepared." said Einstu, one of the oldest Pengoid. There was a gloom on his face as he had never wanted this mission to happen. These thoughts let him to the moment of his creation.

It was a human. Oddly dressed, scary spectacles and a wicked smile. Scott was an outcast. He was on the verge of one of the greatest inventions known to humans, a machine that can think. But everyone had mocked him. The big governments laughed him away, the media made sure he locks himself away from humanity and thus he ended up at Antartica. Little did he know what he was about to discover, Penguins. This was his chance of revenge. A gazillion miles away from the human civilization. Creatures so cute that they wouldn't even need a disguise. His scientist brain immediately began hatching evil ideas that would fulfill his dream. He managed to kill all the penguins barring two and converted them to Rengoids, creatures same as penguins in appearance. The cutest of smiles, the funniest of walks, who wouldn't hug them. Except, they had a mission. A mission to extinct mankind.

PG ALPHA and Einstu were his creations. PG ALPHA was the leader who would take the toughest of decisions to make sure the mission completes. He was ruthless, the most cunning minds you would ever find. Einstu on the other hand was geek. He was responsible for building the machine of doom. He had replicated the Pengoid template to form an army as instructed by PG ALPHA and deployed them everywhere.

Einstu configured the systems reluctantly. Meanwhile the humans had noticed the error by PG 4170. A correlation with other such events made them realize the conspiracy. Penguins weren't just Penguins. A thorough drill and inspection led to the capture of PG ALPHA. It was just 30 mins before the machine in Antartica would throttle waves that would destruct the human civilization and gulp away its creators. PG ALPHA wanted to see the fear in the eyes of the humans, so he confessed his plans.

There was chaos everywhere, would the world cease to exist now?. People were scared. But instantly decided to face the situation. Everyone lined up at the seashore were the Pengoids had already set up their base. A Pengoid chain along the coast line looked badass. 10 Swag points to the Pengoids. Everyone was prepared to brace the impact. Einstu had already set the mission in motion. PG ALPHA anxiously waited to see his mission complete.

The moment was close. The sea rumbled. The faint-hearted had already closed their eyes. A shower of water bestowed upon everyone. Silence surrounded the environment again. Was it over?. Everyone looked confused, everyone looked surprised. What's happening here. Their attention was caught by Einstu. His voice sounded like a prophecy in the skies. "Penguins were massacred. Scott Daniels made sure we were never allowed to evolve naturally as a species. But extincting mankind is not a revenge we desire. Go home humans!"

People felt ashamed. It was one of them who had made such godly creatures evil. What could be a bigger sin. The pendoids flew away. Mary cried. She said "Look mom, they flew away. All my life I had considered myself a bird. So what if I couldn't fly, even penguins can't. But today they flew away. They betrayed me mom!!"

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