The Horcrux Framework

The Harry Potter universe is a totally different experience in itself. The journey of a courageous and innonencent young boy and his triumph over the most badass wizard that ever lived, imparted many life lessons around friendship, love and much more. I was truly fascinated by the whole idea of a Horcrux; the ingenious method of storing a part of our soul inside objects/living beings. That for me was just awesome.

Recently I came across a few instances where people had difficulty completing a tough task. Be it a job change, recovering from depression or even finding a house in the garden city. Some people are lucky enough to find the right alignment of the constellations (read as persistent and smart effort garnished with a pinch of luck) and get it done. Tasks like these can get very rigourous and end up requiring too much of your time and energy. Now this might just work badly for you.

The time that you invest in getting these things done is taken from your normal routine. The time you might have spent reading a book went into prepping for the job interviews, the weekend hangouts with friends were replaced by tedious unfruitful visits to search a house and what not. It gets tougher if this period elongates without much success. If you notice one thing about the time that was replaced, those were mostly the moments that would supply the much needed postive energy to your mind and body. The tasks that refresh you and curve up smile on your face. This is when it turns frustrating.

In comes the Horcrux framework. Whenever we are about to embark on such a task, we find at least 3 things/people within whom we would place a part of ourselves that wants this task done. Along the journey, we would constantly talk with our Horcruxes and tell them how it went (Ideally this should happen by itself as Horcruxes are part ourselves. But seems like the physics of Hogwarts don't apply here. Wish I was a wizard! :( ). Now when you reach the point of frustration and are low on energy, you rely on your Horcruxes to be the saviours. They understand you well and pump up your energy levels to get things going again. I have tried it in a few cases and it did work for me.

This horcrux of mine sits on my bedroom wall. It helps me when I am emotionally down by reminding me of the scene when Bruce Wayne falls in that well. “Why do we fall Bruce?”

Next time you are about to do such a task, go and tell that friend of yours "You are my Horcrux!" and enjoy the puzzled look on their face.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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