The Tree (Part II)

The Tree wondered, what's wrong
Why couldn't anyone help me solve my problem?
Lift me out of these pain cycles
Calm my mind with a resonating hum
I used to do it for them, every time
However wicked the tantrum

Darkness loomed around the Tree
Engulfing it with each passing moment
The colours and energy it used to radiate
Dulled away into vacuum's vent
His thoughts ran wild with an emotional burst
Falling into deeper lows, it bent

The fall was peaceful
An eternal environment of grief
He just wanted to stay there
Tired of being the emotional consulting chief

Right then a ray of Sun grazed his bark
Dissipating the gloomy quark
The Tree held it, pulled himself up in an arc
Long it had been in dark
Call it enlightenment, call it just a spark
He received a message from the beautiful lark

Universal empathy is the fruit of your penance
Use it wisely, its worshipped even in the heavens
Use it to help life big and small
Remember you rise stronger, after every fall

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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