The Tree (Part III)

The Tree felt refreshed now
Filled with the power of empathy
He could now feel the pain in a crow's cry
Understand the reason and offer sympathy

It unlocked a deep power
buried within himself
the idea of helping everyone
which lay dusted on memory's shelf

He went bragging around
about the new power gained
Calling out the Earth beneath him
Listing the lives he had sustained

The bird, the traveller, the squirrels
Mentioning all and one
How he had helped them
When their lives took an unexpected turn

The Earth smiled and said
I am home to millions of your kind
Nurturing you everyday
Strengthening your bind

I never keep reminding you
Of all the virtues of mine
That's something to be felt and not told
For only then will they shine

The Tree felt ashamed
For the mistake he had made
Heights of despearations he had reached
From the noble path, he had strayed

The realization came late, very late
He felt foolish, went pale from brown
Then he remembered Alfred from Batman
"Master Wayne, why do we fall down?"

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

Bengaluru, India

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