Yet Another Cycle Ride

A break in the busy work schedule triggered the thoughts of an outing. Having recently got the Target Firefox bicycle from Narayan, I was waiting for this chance to take it out to a long ride. The plan was to visit Kolar via Dodda ayur, stay there overnight and return back to Bangalore the next day via Hessaraghatta.

Started on this ride at 6 am. The weather was really pleasant; cloudy with a chance of meatballs :P. This made the ride very smooth. Within a couple of hours, I was at Hoskote. Had breakfast and set out back on my journey. Gobbled up a few coconuts on the way when the heat got intense. Dodda ayur was a disappointment, didn't find it that interesting. Back on the trail I had set out to, reached Kolar at around half past 12. Didn't find a a/c room to stay and relax till the next day and felt that the target of 160 kms for the next day was too much. So decided to return back to Bangalore.

I had initially planned this as a sight seeing trip. But with the current circumstances, decided to make it an endurance one. It was 75 kms to Bangalore and I wanted to complete that distance in 4 hrs. The ride back was punishing on the back and the bums. I had to take a break every 30 mins while maintaining the required speed. Had a great experience when the rain gods decided to shower some of their mercy. The traffic slowed me down when I entered Bangalore and I reached home in 5 hrs.

Some things I learned from this ride:

  • Bangalore has way too many flyovers. Imagine pushing hard to climb each one of them. At one point, I used to literally blurt out "Oh shit!, there comes another flyover".

  • Contrary to my previous thoughts in the cycle ride earlier, I believe sometimes its necessary to submit yourselves to the flow w/o putting in much effort. Whenever I drove to an inclination, I just used to sit back and enjoy the ride down. There are points in life when you have put in all the effort that you can, so it makes sense to just sit back and relax.

  • People still don't have the basic sense to keep tourist places clean. I saw a cake lying near the cliff at Dodda ayur which drew monkeys. Being alone, I avoided staying there for long fearing the monkeys would be interested in my backpack.

  • On the way I saw 2 dogs playing with each other. One of them ran ahead, pretended to hide behind the shrubs (there were no shrubs) and then "surprised" his companion when he came near. This sight brought a smile on my face. At times we forget the playfulness, however dumb it might be. It reminded me to be playful.

Keval D Doshi

I am a curiosity bitten engineer who loves to solve problems by creating awesome Products. I love sports and travel. You can find my experiments with music here:

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